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Space Clearing




NEW WORKSHOPS : Introduction to Space Clearing for Personal Use and Space Clearing Advanced

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Space Clearing



Inspiring thoughts


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Space Clearing

**NEW WORKSHOPS : Introduction to Space Clearing for Personal Use and Space Clearing Advanced - For these and other General Interest Courses and Workshops click here**

Space Clearing (not to be confused with clutter clearing) is a profound and highly effective specialised technique that works at a very deep level to clear and consecrate the energies, or chi, of a building or space, enhancing the quality of the energy in the space. It is a great way of clearing out unhelpful memories, regrets, emotional blockages and even karma!

Space Clearing is particularly beneficial for:

Not only is Space Clearing beneficial for removing unwanted energy but it can also be used where the energy is already good and you want to bring even more beneficial energy in! It may also be used in conjunction with a house or property Blessing Ceremony and with creating Sacred Space.

In the business environment routine Space Clearing is advisable where clients come for treatments or where hospitality and accommodation is provided. It is recommended that therapists frequently space clear their consultation / treatment rooms to remove any negative or emotional residue, especially if the treatment room or accommodation is within the domestic dwelling.

Metaphorically speaking by clearing out the debris of the past we can make space for more of what we actually want to come in!

A personal experience:

I have been involved with energy working and space clearing for a long time but here is one simple experience I had some years ago that really impressed me!

I was attending a residential workshop situated in a private wood. The provisions were basic and we brought our own tents to sleep in; there was a simple mess “tent”, an earth toilet and a ceremonial “sacred Space”. There was no water, only what we could carry in ourselves and no electricity. The mess tent was constructed with tarpaulin around some trees and supported with additional poles, and was open at one end. This was where we came together to eat, chat and study. The mess tent was equipped with a table top and benches resting on tree trunks and logs. There was also a fire place on the earth over which a simple grate was placed. We provided our own additional folding chairs and cooking equipment, and gathered wood for the fire.

Space ClearingSpace ClearingSpace ClearingSpace ClearingSpace Clearing

Altogether there were seven of us, so when we were all crowded into the mess tent to eat and get warm by the fire it was very “cosy”!

After a few nights we all gathered in the mess tent for the evening study and chat. We had been out in the woods most of the day and ready to squeeze in near the fire. But sitting there that evening I was puzzled. Where we were normally cramped for space, that night we were all able to pull up our chairs close to the fire. I kept looking round to see what had been moved but couldn’t see that anything had. The fire was still in the same place, as too was the table and benches, and the pile of firewood. It was just not possible to move things. I was very puzzled. So too was everyone else as it turned out. After a while someone spoke out to enquire why there was more room.

It turned out that SJ, who had stayed at the tent that afternoon to prepare yet another wonderful meal for us had decided there was simply not enough room in there, so she just simply space cleared it! It was only the energy of the tent that had changed and by clearing out the residue of old unnecessary energy the whole place felt amazingly physically larger!

Space Clearing Consultations

For more information about Space Clearing or to arrange a consultation please call me on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss.

Depending on the reason for the consultation, It is often beneficial to combine a Space Clearing consultation with a “Healthy Home” Survey, or at least a Geopathic Stress Survey, as there may be contributory factors to the energy of a place, particularly if geopathic stress is present. If so, these can then be eliminated or reduced.

Under certain circumstances I am also prepared to undertake Space Clearing remotely. Please contact me to discuss.

I am happy to provide post-consultation support should you have any queries, or to help you through any adjustments that come about as part of the process and to ensure you are comfortable with any changes. I am also happy to receive feedback.

Consultation fees

Due to the individual nature of the process and the size of the property or area requiring space clearing, every consultation is unique. It is therefore not possible to provide a precise cost here so please contact me to discuss your requirements and I can then provide a realistic cost. Mileage may be charged depending on distance.

Consultation fees range from  a basic starting fee of £75 for very small properties upwards, excluding any mileage. 

Example costs: A typical cost for a three bedroomed property is usually i.r.o. £120 depending on extent of work and services required; a large of three floors and basement will be over £200.

Discount may be available depending on circumstances.  I am also happy to arrange a payment plan to spread costs. Gift vouchers available.


For more information about consultations please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

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