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Roo Reygan, Shamanic Practitioner

I offer a wide range of shamanic services including Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Counselling and Mentoring. I am also pleased to be in a position to offer Shamanic Training.

Shamanism - An Introduction

From archaeological evidence, the practice of Shamanism is known to date back around 40,000 years and some scholars maintain the practice is considerably older. It is probably the oldest form of healing and certainly lies at the root of all religions and spiritual beliefs. Shamanism is found in societies all over the world, though it is mainly associated with indigenous peoples, who retain a deeper relationship with the natural world, just as our very ancient ancestors did. Our ancient ancestors were in tune with their environment, both physically and spiritually. They sought to find solutions to their problems and “dis-ease” from their environment.

The term Shaman originates from the Tungusic language of Siberia meaning “one who knows” or “one who sees” and was applied to the priest-doctors of the tribes but today the term is applied globally. The Shaman is usually responsible for providing healing, conducting ceremonies and may also provide divination.

Shamans, as do many indigenous societies, consider that everything that exists has a spirit or soul. For instance, the Native Americans refer to everything in nature as “people” – the tree people; the stone people; the winged people; the four legged people etc. implying that everything in nature is alive and has a spirit. Shamanism also teaches that everything in the universe is interconnected by a web of life, including the earth, the stars and the wind etc. And it is the Shaman’s role in the community to keep harmony and balance between humankind and the forces of nature.

Traditionally, the role of the “Shaman” is to act as the intermediate or messenger between the human world and the spirit worlds. The Shaman does this by journeying to the spirit world to bring back answers for a particular problem, situation or illness, or to ensure a successful harvest or hunt. Their ability to journey (to send out their spirit into the spirit realms) and to perform such tasks gives them a unique role in their society, yet they often reside away from their society.

Shamanism does not recognise gender, race, age or religious doctrine, so is available to all. In this modern age, Shamanism re-connects us with other parts of creation and heals all that we have become separated from, whether it is within the self, within groups, between people, communities or the environment.

About Shamanic Healing

Shamans look at the spiritual form of illness which might manifest on either an emotional or physical level. Shamanic cultures believe that any trauma we suffer, whether physical or emotional, results in damage to the soul. So the Shaman is consulted to treat ailments and illness by mending the soul. By alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit, the physical body of the individual is restored to balance and wholeness.

In this process the Shaman (shamanic practitioner) acts as the intermediate or messenger between the human world and the spirit worlds. The practitioner works with benevolent spirit allies and “journeys” or travels to other worlds or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting a community or to bring back guidance for healing on behalf of patients. This process is most commonly achieved through entering an altered state of consciousness (or trance like state), often induced by a constant drum beat or rattle, though other instruments may also be used. The spirit allies guide the Shaman on his or her journey to meet the spirits that will provide the answers to the shaman’s questions.

Today shamanism brings ancient wisdom and healing up to date and is particularly suited to those struggling on their life path. Shamanic healing treats physical and emotional dis-ease, and life problems at a spiritual level, and seeks to restore balance and wholeness of the soul.

Typically shamanic healing techniques include:

Soul Retrieval
Where fragments of the soul have broken away or been stolen by others. A client may have a feeling of loss or of being “incomplete”. During this process the practitioner will bring back the lost elements of the soul and re-integrate the client’s soul, so that they once again become whole, revitalised and empowered.
Extraction Work
The removal of unwanted energy. This may take the form of psychic “daggers” sent to us intentionally or unintentionally by others through words or actions. Or in the form of cords, blockages or even entities, which have stuck to us, causing pain, sickness or emotional imbalance. Once removed the “vacant” space is filled with beneficial energy to empower or revitalise the client.
Power Animal or Ally Retrieval
Our power animals or allies support us and can protect us or enhances us with their personal power and teachings. A person may have many power animals or allies that come and go over our lifetime. Occasionally a power animal may leave without another coming to take its place, so the client is considered to have a loss of power, leaving them vulnerable.
Ceremony and Ritual
Often a ceremony or ritual is required to enhance healing or to celebrate the work that is done. This is often a really beautiful and beneficial aspect of healing.
Psycho Pomp and Working with the Deceased
To respectfully provide ceremony, ritual or even guidance to those who are close to passing or who have passed away, to assist them on their journey to the other side and to help them to take their place amongst their ancestral line.
Earth Healing
Healing for the earth, particularly where geopathic stress occurs.

Shamanic Counselling and Mentoring

Shamanic counselling differs from Shamanic healing in that the client (who having learnt sufficient journey skills) seeks to journey in order to meet their own helpful spirit guides and teachers, in order to work on their own personal issues and problems.

This work is done over a number of sessions. During these sessions I merely act as a facilitator, offering guidance and support, while your own Helping spirits and teachers effectively “counsel” you directly. I will then assist you with understanding the guidance given.

It is a fascinating approach to working through difficulties and is very empowering.

For those already on the Shamanic path I offer mentoring sessions to assist - whether you are a Shamanic student or novice - with any aspect of Shamanic practice you may be seeking additional assistance or re-assurance with.

Blessing Ceremonies

Blessing CeremoniesSacred SpaceBlessing ceremonies are a wonderful and powerful way to show gratitude, honour and celebrate that which is important in our lives. Whether for a location, or for a desired outcome to our circumstances, or for marking transitions in life, acknowledging the rites of passage, as we progress through life’s journey and beyond.

Property blessing ceremonies are a beautiful way to bring more beneficial energy, love and abundance into your home or workplace. Ceremonies for properties may be held for a variety of reasons, for instance on completion of a new building or extensive renovation work; when moving into a new home or starting a new business, or to just energize your home or workplace. They are particularly beneficial carried out after a Space Clearing and is a wonderful way to reclaim or reconnect with your home or property.

Blessing ceremonies are also wonderful to designate Sacred Space, whether for personal or communal use.

Sacred Space

Sacred SpaceSacred SpaceSacred Space may be considered in two ways: Our inner quiet space deep within us, or an external physical location, which may be personal to us alone or created for communal ceremonial purposes, labyrinths, quiet contemplation and meditation etc.

If working with your inner self, I can guide you to find your inner sacred space and inner peace.

In the physical environment, as a dowser, I can assist in locating existing and maybe forgotten sacred places together with new locations for sacred space, whether for your sole use or for communal purposes. Sacred Space may be indoors or outside. I also carry out Geopathic Stress Surveys and Earth Healing to ensure your Sacred Space serves its purpose.

About Roo

I am a Shamanic Practitioner with many years experience. I have studied core Shamanic techniques and Shamanism at Practitioner Level with Churaig MacNiall. I have also had the privilege of training with many other wonderful teachers, including Jonathon Horwitz.

In my role as a Shamanic Practitioner, I am happy to offer:-


I offer Shamanic Healing, counselling and mentoring at a number of venues around the Stafford area in the UK midlands and I can also travel to provide these services at a clients home, and to perform site specific services such as Earth Healing, Space Clearing, Creation of Sacred Space, Ceremonies etc.*

Under some circumstances I am prepared to offer remote healing but please ring to discuss this.

Healing consultations and counselling are carried out in a safe and relaxed sacred space, and will take approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours. Llonger sessions are available if desired or if a client is travelling some distance.  All consultations are treated as confidential. My work is done from the heart with integrity and respect.

Healing consultations will begin with a discussion to find out what the problem is. I may then use a drum or rattle to assist in journeying and I may also use other tools, including the burning of white sage to cleanse. I am guided by spirit as to what course of action or treatment is to be given.

Please be aware that you may not always receive the healing treatment you expect. For instance, a client may come and ask for “soul retrieval” yet when I journey to meet the spirits I may be informed that soul retrieval is not the solution, and instead I may be directed to perform some other healing technique. Sometimes I may be required to carry out a number of different techniques.

After your treatment it is recommended that you rest for a while and give yourself time to adjust to the healing, as it does affect your energy field and you may feel a little disorientated for a short while afterwards. You may prefer to bring a friend with you who can drive you home.

Consultation fees

Consultations for individual healing, mentoring and counselling are available as follows:

For other services please contact me to discuss your requirements.

*Mileage may be charged depending on distance.

Over 60s and Student discounts available. Discount may also be available for a series of sessions if booked together.

Gift vouchers available.

Group bookings taken.

Payment may be made by personal cheque with a valid bankers card, by cash or bank transfer.

For more information about consultations please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

Click here to download Roo Reygan, Shamanic Practitioner leaflet

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