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Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology



Inspiring thoughts











Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology



Inspiring thoughts

Feng Shui Elements

Nine Star Ki Astrology - Feng Shui Astrology - An Introduction

Nine Star Ki Astrology (or Feng Shui Astrology) is an ancient form of astrology which originated thousands of years ago in China but was more recently refined in Japan. It is based on the I Ching and the “Magic Square” and is particularly useful alongside Feng Shui, as the nine energies are the same as those used in the Feng Shui Bagua.

Magic Square

The name Nine Star Ki originates from the concept that there are nine key stars which were considered to have the most influence on human chi, some stars being Yang in nature, whilst others are considered Yin. The constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear, lies between the two and was in ancient times used as a compass pointing in different directions as the year progressed.

The ancients equated the movements of the stars with the cycles of chi of both the Heavens and the Earth, and understood that variation within the cycles of each combine to provide a unique mix of chi – or ki, for each individual.

So Nine Star Ki brings understanding of the cyclical nature of life and the universe. It explains why we move through phases, just as the seasons do. It also brings in an understanding of both our yin and yang sides, and identifies our personal “elements”, personality types and traits. From this we can see why things are going right for us and why they are not!

How can Nine Star Ki Astrology be used?

Nine Star Ki can be used in many ways, such as:

Understanding who you are

With Nine Star Ki we have three numbers, calculated from our date of birth, which identifies our ki or chi.

First number or Principal number – provides insight into our true inner (adult) nature. It tells us about who we are on a deeper, spiritual level. Based on the nine year cycle, this doesn’t emerge until we have grown through two nine year cycles, i.e. reach 18. In some instances people may never develop into their principal number. This may be because they are never “allowed” by others to develop their full nature, or through mental illness, simply cannot develop.

Second number or Character number – provides insight into our emotional (child) nature. It tells us about our emotions and the way we communicate with each other. As adults we tend to live in our first number, however, during stressful or difficult times this second number is most likely to surface and dominate out behaviour and logic.

Third number or Energetic number – provides insight into our outer (expressive) nature. It tells us about how we do things and how we appear to others. This is not however a true reflection of who we really are but this is the “you” people see when they first meet you.

Using Nine Star Ki to understand your relationship with Yourself and Others

To understand your relationships with yourself, or with other people we look at the relationship of the 1st and 2nd numbers and can identify whether the elements or aspects are supporting, conflicting or equal.

To establish compatibility with others, I also take a good number of other factors into account too in order to build up a full picture or the relationship.

Understanding timings and phases

Everything in nature and the universe is cyclical. This is demonstrated by the progression of numbers through the Magic Square: the numbers change position, advancing in a specific pattern.

In Nine Star Ki, this is used to identify phases and can be applied to anything. So it is possible to identify what phase we are in. Why things are going well for us or why they are going wrong! It is therefore also possible to identify when you will be in certain phases, and so understand when timings for certain life choices will be most beneficial.

Nine Star Ki consultations with Holistic Well-being

Consultations can be arranged in a number of ways:

Postal / E-mail Consultations followed up with a pre-arranged telephone or Skype appointment – Costs from £40 depending on extent of service and information required.

By private appointment I offer appointments at my home and I am also willing to travel if you would prefer an appointment in your own home - costs from  £35 depending on extent of service and information required, excluding any mileage if any travel is required.

I am also available for Group or Party Bookings – please give Roo a call on 01785 713 721 or
07963 831 401
or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

Consultation fees

Mileage may be charged depending on distance.

Over 60s and Student discounts available.

Gift vouchers available.

For more information about consultations please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

Click here to download Nine Star Ki Astrology leaflet

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