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Thank you for considering booking a consultation with Holistic Well-being.

Wherever possible I have included fees for services on the related information page. Site-specific consultation fees have not been stated owing to the unique and individual nature of each appointment. Please contact me for details.

Depending on the type of appointment, I may need to send you consultation forms or information packs in advance of the appointment. This especially applies to Feng Shui consultations, Space Clearing, and Past Life Regression Therapy.

For all services I offer:


I am happy to travel for a consultation, though it will be necessary to recover my travel costs. Mileage may be payable at 43p per mile in excess of a round trip of 20 miles.

Booking conditions

Where deposits are required, please note that these are usually non-refundable.

Appointments and consultations less than £60:

Appointments and consultations over £60:


I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services.


Thank you for your booking and I look forward to meeting you.


For more information about consultations with Holistic Well-being please give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

Click here to download Holistic Well-being leaflet