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About Holistic Well-being and Roo Reygan, Holistic Therapist

Roo Reygan - Holistic TherapistHolistic Well-being is run by Roo Reygan, Holistic Therapist - Accredited Feng Shui Consultant, Past Life Regression Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner

I am fully qualified and highly experienced in the range of services provided by Holistic Well-being.

All my life, even as a small child, I have had an interest in the metaphysical and my spiritual development. What many people consider to be “supernatural” I have always taken to be totally natural. I have always felt a sense of connection – to the earth; to other people, creatures and beings; and to the universe – and felt that everything is interconnected, a view that is now gaining scientific support through quantum physics.

As is the norm in our modern, western society, I pushed this aside to pursue a practical career path, and eventually found my way into civil engineering. I enjoyed this career path for many years, studying to post graduate level and gaining employment as a project engineer working in Highways. This type of work suited my logical and practical, down to earth nature.. but.. I am also a natural intuitive, so my heart was drawing me back to listen to my intuitive and spiritual nature – and to use these skills more effectively. I felt my career as an engineer was no longer where I needed or wanted to be.

Since 1996 I have followed where my heart wanted to go.

Over the years I have studied many topics: Reiki, Shiatsu, Colour Therapy and much more. I came across Feng Shui by accident in my search to restore much needed harmony and balance in my life. I studied Feng Shui with the Feng Shui Academy*, qualifying as an Accredited Feng Shui Practitioner and went on to undertake further courses, with the Academy and elsewhere, to achieve Advanced Practitioner status.

My path also led me to question, and then study, the topic of Past Life Regression. This also felt “right” and I went on to qualify as a professional Past Life Regression Therapist and hold the qualification Dip. PLRT, MPLTA.

My long spiritual journey has taken me on the Shamanic path. Looking back now I see that Spirit had been guiding me down this spiritual path since I was a child. So I am happy to be recognised by the Shamanic community as an experienced Shamanic Practitioner.

My logical nature supports my practical down to earth approach, whilst listening to my spiritual side, guides and directs me in the work I am now doing.

By combining a wide range of techniques, my aim is to offer practical, effective and empowering solutions to clients, helping them to restore balance and harmony in their lives and to effectively address life issues, improve existing situations or introduce new options supporting the achievement of their goals and objectives.

spacerPast Life Therapists AssociationspacerI am a member of the Past Life Therapists Association. I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services.

For more information about consultations with Holistic Well-being please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on 01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

Click here to download Holistic Well-being leaflet


*It is with deep regret that following the tragic passing of Robert Grey in 2013, founder of The Feng Shui Academy and a wonderfully inspirational man, this link is no longer available. Should you require further information about the former Feng Shui Academy please contact me.