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Healthy Home Survey



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Healthy Home Survey



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Healthy Homes, Technopathic-stress, Geopathic Stress and  Earth Healing

**NEW WORKSHOPS : Earth Energies and Earth Healing (Part 1) An Introduction to Dowsing and Healing the Earth and (Part 2) Advanced - For these and other General Interest Courses and Workshops click here**

Why have a Healthy Home survey

While Feng Shui can be used to enhance your property to support your well-being and aspirations, no amount of Feng Shui can make your home healthy if you are seriously affected by either techno-stress or geopathic stress. For that reason I always offer to carry out a Healthy Home Survey as part of my Feng Shui consultation, or as a stand alone package. I also offer this as part of a Space Clearing consultation.

Environmental Illness

Our home is our sanctuary. Somewhere where we can feel safe; where we can relax and recoup. We expect our homes to support our needs.

However, we can not always be sure that our environment supports our needs. There is an increasing awareness of “environmental illnesses” and there is much research into this area.

Now, I am not one for alarming people unnecessarily, and if you and your household are in the peak of health that’s fine. Please don’t worry. But if you do suffer from headaches, poor sleep, irritability through to much more serious illnesses, please read on.

Two areas of concern to me, as a Holistic Practitioner are Techno-stress (man-made electromagnetic fields and microwaves) and Geopathic Stress (natural earth stresses), both of which are known to have implications for our health.

Electromagnetic Fields and Microwaves – Technostress

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFGeopathic Stress (GS)Our evolution over the course of millions of years has equipped us to live in a natural environment. But since the industrial revolution the living environments for the vast majority of people are far from natural. Chemicals pollute and permeate every aspect of our lives, whilst the demand for energy to power desirable technological goods increases. What we don’t appreciate is that during this rapid technological development, our bodies have not biologically had time to adapt and evolve to our modern pace of life.

Electricity is certainly regarded as a great benefit, yet it appears little thought is given to the way the use of electricity may now affect us. Similarly what effect do microwaves have on us?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFGeopathic Stress (GS)This is a subject of much scientific research and debate. There is significant evidence that a constant bombardment from techno stress does affect our health and well-being. In its mild form techno-stress can induce symptoms such as headaches and insomnia. At a more serious level, increasing numbers of people are becoming prone to a medical condition known as Electrical Hyper Sensitivity (EHS), effectively an allergic reaction to anything electrical! More seriously EMF’s have been linked to childhood leukaemia and other illnesses.

Geopathic Stress (GS)

Geopathic Stress (GS)Geopathic Stress (GS)The earth’s magnetic field resonates at a natural frequency of 7.83hz (which incidentally happens to be the same frequency as our alpha brain wave patterns). We have evolved to withstand and even need this frequency. For instance, this magnetic frequency is built into spacecraft to enable astronauts to function healthily.

Geopathic Stress (GS) can be defined as a disruption or distortion of the Earth’s natural energy field, causing radiation to emanate from the Earths surface. The cause of this disruption or distortion may be natural or manmade, or often a combination of both.

Numerous studies have been carried out to establish to what effect GS is harmful and there is significant research that has identified strong links between GS and many illnesses such as: M.E., Cancers, anxiety, depression, cot death, asthma, infertility, insomnia, nightmares, chronic fatigue and susceptibility to nagging illnesses such as colds and flu.

One point to clarify is that GS in itself may not necessarily cause such illness but it presence reduces the immune system and compounds any predisposition in a persons towards health problems, so that regular exposure to GS may trigger or exacerbate conditions.

The effect of GS on humans depends on:

The good news is that once detected, GS can be fairly easily treated. The process may seem a little bizarre. However, I do have a high success rate treating GS using appropriate methods.

Earth Healing

Earth HealingGeopathic Stress (GS)This is basically the process of treating GS, and repairing damage and harm done to the Earth.

One of the main techniques used in Earth Healing is Earth Acupuncture. Acupuncture is today largely recognised as an effective treatment when used on humans and animals. The same principals apply to Earth Acupuncture.

What does a Healthy Home Survey entail?

I use professional metres to assess the levels of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) and Microwaves in your home, paying particular attention to areas where you spend most of your time, e.g. where you sleep, relax in the evening or sit for long periods of time, such as at a desk in your home office.

Where particularly high readings are observed (in excess of recommended guidelines) I will make recommendations to the client regarding practical solutions to remove or reduce the harmful impact of EMF’s and Microwaves.

I also check for Geopathic Stress (GS). The occurrence of GS is well known to geologists who use highly expensive technical equipment to record it. However, it is also possible to detect by dowsing. Yes, dowsing!

In order to carry out a GS Survey I will require suitable plans of your property. I then dowse to identify any GS and plot on the plans to establish how they affect the occupants. I also detect the intensity of the GS to establish to what extent it is a problem to the household.

Where GS is established, and I consider it to be a problem, I will discuss with you what treatments I am able to offer to remove or reduce the effects. The term for treating GS is called Earth Healing.

For Businesses, the process is similar but I also take into account “Sick Building Syndrome” and I am able to offer advice on the location of equipment to reduce effects of EMF in the workplace.

A Healthy Home Survey may take up to about 3 hours. A Business Survey may take longer. Fees vary depending on the size of building, so please contact me direct for details.

For more information about consultations please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

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Extracts taken from Rolf Gordon’s “Are you sleeping in a safe place?”

These are just a couple of extracts from his book. But many more accounts and research are cited.


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