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NEW WORKSHOPS : Feng Shui Taster Day and Introduction to Feng Shui

For these and other General Interest Courses and Workshops click here


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30 minute or 1 hour appointments available
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Feng Shui



Inspiring thoughts






















Feng Shui



Inspiring thoughts

Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui - Home / Business

**NEW WORKSHOPS : Feng Shui Taster Day and Introduction to Feng Shui - For these and other General Interest Courses and Workshops click here**

The key principle of Feng Shui is to restore balance and harmony in our environment and to
re-connect us with our environment for our greater well-being.

The extent to which our surroundings and environment affect our well-being is often overlooked, yet our environment significantly affects us. Feng Shui can effectively identify where our surroundings do not support us and provide solutions to rectify this imbalance.

Here are just some of the ways Feng Shui can help

Feng Shui in your home can:

Feng Shui can help improve your business by:

If you are considering redecorating a property, then I can advise on colours, lighting, use of fabrics etc. to support your needs or aims.

If you are considering a new build project, then I can assist at the planning stage to help you design a property that will really work for you.

What is Feng Shui?

The practice of Feng Shui is known to date back at least 5,000 years and is commonly practiced in one form or another across central and eastern Asia. In recent years it has been increasingly gaining in popularity in the western world.

Feng Shui works at many levels:

The name “Feng Shui” – pronounced fung-shway – means “wind and water”, and are considered to be two of the most important forms of energy. Feng Shui looks at the way energy, or Chi, flows around the building. The consultant will seek to balance this flow in a manner that supports the “life areas” of the property.

We can regard our environment (our room, house, office, workplace or garden etc.) as a mirror of our self. We can use this mirror to focus upon aspects of our self that may be in need of some attention.

On a more practical level we can use Feng Shui to ensure our environment supports our needs and our health, both physically and at a subconscious level. Physically, we are affected by lighting, air quality, chemicals, electromagnetic fields and more which can adversely affect our health. The way we furnish our homes or workplace also works at a psychological level – for instance, the impact of colour; artwork or clutter. Our subconscious interprets symbology at a literal level and we can fall into the trap of reinforcing that which we seek to avoid.

There are many different approaches, or schools, of Feng shui. As an accredited Feng Shui Consultant with many years experience, I will assess which approach or combination is most beneficial to you.

I provide a friendly, reliable and confidential service. My Feng Shui specialisms are:

Black Hat / Intuitive / 3 Door Gate
Compass School
Form School
Traditional / Classical Feng Shui
Nine Star Ki
Auspicious Date Selection
Earth Healing / Geopathic Stress
Electromagnetic Field Surveys
Space Clearing
Spirit Rescue / Release

The application of Feng Shui is very adaptable to modern living and the demands placed on our lives. So in addition to using traditional Feng Shui methods, I always offer a “Healthy Home” Survey to assess Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) and microwave levels, as well as any Technopathic (man-made) and Geopathic (natural earth energy) stresses which scientific studies have found can contribute to ill health. I then offer advice on treatment or solutions to remove or reduce any impact.

Why work with Holistic Well-being?

My approach to Feng Shui is practical and down to earth, incorporating analytical process with intuition. I never seek to change situations that already work well for the client, and will only make recommendations which I feel are truly beneficial. In the first instance I always seek simple, practical and inexpensive solutions, only proposing more complex measures if required.

I worked as a professional engineer in civil engineering for many years, so I have a practical background when it comes to structure and design.

I came across Feng Shui by accident in my search to restore harmony and balance in my life. I studied Feng Shui with the Feng Shui Academy*, qualifying as an Accredited Feng Shui Practitioner and went on to undertake further courses, with the Academy and elsewhere, to achieve Advanced Practitioner status.

I am also professionally qualified as a Past Life Regression Therapist and I am a highly experienced Shamanic Practitioner. Please click here to find out about Shamanic Healing / Sacred Space, Ceremonies and Blessings with Holistic Well-being.

By combining a wide range of tools and techniques, my aim is to offer practical, effective and empowering solutions to clients, helping them to restore balance in their lives and to effectively address life issues. My techniques can enable the client to improve existing situations or introduce new options supporting the achievement of goals and objectives.

*It is with deep regret that following the tragic passing of Robert Grey in 2013, founder of The Feng Shui Academy and a wonderfully inspirational man, this link is no longer available. Should you require further information about the former Feng Shui Academy please contact me.

Feng Shui Consultations with Holistic Well-being

My consultations are totally flexible to suit your individual needs, whether domestic or business. I offer full traditional consultations or can tailor a consultation to cater for a specific concern.

In addition I also offer the following, either as part of the Feng Shui consultation or as stand alone packages:

It is advisable for clients to ring me to discuss why they wish to have a consultation. I can then get a feel as to whether I can help or not, and advise on what type of package would be best. I can also advise on costs.

Consultation process

Full FS Consultation

I will send the client a consultation form, together with an information pack which provides a great deal of information about the consultation process, what’s involved, duration etc. Depending on the nature of the consultation, it is necessary for the client to send floor plans of the property to me at least two weeks in advance of the appointment. Graph paper and advice on preparing plans is included in my information pack. The property plans are necessary for me to establish the location of the “life areas” for the property. I need these plans in advance to check that they are suitable for the purpose, and to make photocopies which I will use to draw on during the consultation. I will also use the plans and the clients returned consultation form to prepare for the consultation well before I arrive.

On the day of the appointment, I will spend some time with the client going through the consultation form to fully understand what they hope to achieve from the consultation. I will then work quietly by myself, around the property assessing, gathering information, considering treatment options and carrying out a healthy home survey. If the Healthy Home survey reveals issues of concern that could affect the occupants’ health, I will raise it there and then to see if the client wishes me to treat during my consultation. Depending on the size of property this can take several hours! I then discuss my findings with the client and make recommendations.

Following a consultation I provide a written report, and I offer post consultation support by telephone or
e-mail as necessary for a period of up to two months after the date of the consultation.

A Tailor Made Consultation

If a full consultation is not what you require or you only seek a specific treatment, the process will be much shorter. I will still provide a report and post consultation support.

Depending on the nature of the consultation floor plans of the property may or may not be required.

Special offers

I am currently offering a special Home Sale Package for people who need help to sell their property - £70 (excluding mileage if applicable).

Consultation fees

Due to the individual nature of the process and varying size of the property or service required, every consultation is unique. It is therefore not possible to provide a precise cost here so please telephone me on 01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements and I can provide a realistic cost. Mileage may be charged depending on distance.

Consultation fees range from £100 to £350 for a home consultation, excluding any mileage. Business consultations depend on the size and nature of the business, so please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Over 60s and Student discounts available.

Gift vouchers available.

Payment and cancellation

A non-refundable deposit will be required when a consultation is booked, with full payment to be received one week prior to the consultation. Please note that owing to the amount of preparation work involved before I attend a consultation, cancellations within 72 hours will incur 100% charge. I am of course happy to arrange alternative dates.

For more information about consultations please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

Click here to download Feng Shui leaflet

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