I regret that currently I am unable to take on new clients until further notice due to demand, an increase in personal commitments and new projects I am involved in. I shall however, continue to see existing clients and new students who wish to attend my training workshops.

Please note that I am also reducing the services I have previously offered. In future I shall be focusing on my Shamanic work and Space Clearing. Other services will only be offered in support of these topics.

Should you wish to email, I shall endeavour to reply as quickly a possible but if you do not receive a reply from me within two weeks PLEASE chase me up. Thank you.

Please check back for updates. In the meantime, I shall be posting information and contact details of Shamanic Student Practitioners. Please also see my Links page.

Thank you for your patience.

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Holistic Well-being Midlands - Roo Reygan




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Introductory Courses and a Shamanic Development Programme available.

Shamanic Healer Training now available.

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I’m pleased to announce that monthly Drumming Circles will be starting up again soon.  Contact Roo for details. 



Resources and links



Inspiring thoughts

Feng Shui Elements

The aim of Holistic Well-being is to bring solutions and healing through rebalancing and harmonising our relationship with ourselves and those we interact with; our environment and our spirituality, for

“....Shamans see that illness comes from living a life that is
out of balance and disharmonious…”

Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic teacher

A different approach

Did you know that:-

So, the way I see it, our physical well-being depends on:

Over the course of many years, my work and experience has brought me to a position in life where I can offer healing and support in all three of these vital areas, all of which contribute significantly to our Positive Health.

We can greatly improve our physical and emotional health through improving our environment and through achieving a greater understanding of ourselves.

By combining a wide range of techniques, my aim is to offer practical, effective and empowering solutions to clients, helping them to restore balance and harmony in their lives and to effectively address life issues, improve existing situations or introduce new options supporting the achievement of their goals and objectives.


To help you achieve this Holistic Well-being offers:

Feng Shui Consultations for Home or Business
From full traditional property consultations to tailored packages to suit the client’s requirements
Healthy Home Surveys
Technostress – Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) and Microwaves
Geopathic Stress Surveys and treatment
Space Clearing
Especially effective for removing unwanted energies or rebalancing energy
Particularly beneficial after trauma, damage, building work, burglary or vandalism
Earth Healing
Nine Star Ki Astrology
Past Life Regression Therapy
Spiritual / Shamanic Healing and Practice
Soul and heart retrievals
Soul and heart repair and returns
Extraction of unwanted energies
Removal of unwanted entities
Healing Ancestral lines
Working with the deceased and Psycho Pomp
Ally retrieval
Clearing, cutting and strengthening the threads of life
Guidance on deepening the client’s connection to Spirit
Shamanic Counselling
Shamanic Mentoring and Training
Ceremonies for healing and blessings
Creating and working with Sacred Space
Shamanic Training
General Interest Courses and Workshops

Click on the links above or to the top-right of this page to find out more about each fascinating topic and find out how they can benefit you.


For more information about consultations please click here. Alternatively, just give Roo a call on
01785 713 721 or 07963 831 401 or email Roo to discuss your requirements.

I can assure you of a warm, friendly, professional and confidential service. If for any reason I feel I cannot help, then I will provide recommendations of other consultants who might. I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services.

Roo Reygan,
Holistic Well-being


"Roo is a fantastic teacher who guides and encourages you to find your own answers
as well as giving you information. Her courses immerse you in the subject and you leave full
of thoughts of all the journeys you now need to do in order to enhance your life!
She also gives extremely good follow up support."

S. Gallagher - Stonnall, Staffordshire - December 2014


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